The Wizard of OZ/Professor Marvel - Michael Tant

Dorothy - Charlotte Myhre

Scarecrow/Hunk - Asher Pope

Tin Man/Hickory - Levi Snider

Cowardly Lion/Zeke - Noah Pope

Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West - Elaine George

Glinda the Good Witch - Phynley Joel

Auntie Em - Emily Cowherd

Uncle Henry - Joshua Gaston

The Mayor of Munchkinland - William Tant

Emerald City Doorman - Joseph Nugent

OZ Guard/Witch's Guard - Erica Block

Louie: Head Flying Monkey - Micah Pope

Audrey: Emerald City Girl - Gigi Cowherd

Judy: Emerald City Girl - Emma Chandler

Emerald City Ensemble: Margaret Tant, Janelle Ikes



Coroner of Munchkinland - Elliot George

The Lullaby League: Anna Margaret George, Esther Jane Pope, Lauren Tant

The Lollipop Guild: Eden Joel, Finn Pope

Munchkinland Ensemble: Nathan Chandler, Elsa George, Mathias George, Etta Snider